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Innovative Data Science to Transform Health Care: All the Pieces Matter

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This issue of eGEMS focuses on application of data science as a driver of health care transformation. Importantly, quantitative or qualitative analysis with a particular method is only one downstream step in the process of leveraging data. Effective analytics occurs on a continuum with multiple complementary phases, categorized here as data acquisition, ensuring or enhancing data access and usability, data analysis, and dissemination. Each of these activities is encompassed in the series of papers presented.


Publisher's Note:

This article was amended on 6th September 2019 to correct an incorrect citation. "Immergluck et. al" has been changed to "Cramer, Seneviratne and Sharifi".

Keywords: Data ScienceLearning Health SystemsElectronic Health RecordsHealth Services ResearchAnalytics 

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